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Written By Wahyu Herdiansyah on Sunday, October 27, 2013 | 9:24 PM

Short term loans, such as payday loans, enable many UK residents to get money approved quickly and efficiently when they need it most.

Years ago, getting a loan quickly would have meant that you would have been approved the loan and possibly got the cheque to pay into your bank account within 7-10 days. Due to the fast paced life we all now lead, lending companies have looked at ways of approving loans quicker and getting the money to customers quicker. The quicker they can do this the more ahead of the competition they are. This kind of competition is very healthy for customers.

So why would you need to get hold of money so quickly? There are far too many reasons to go into detail with. Applications can come from people needing to pay a bill quickly, help friends and family or for a repair on their washing machine or car.

One of many great aspects of payday loans is the ability to get the cash quickly, to get the loan into your bank account within hours of applying for loan before payday. When you need instant cash you do not have the time to wait for the loan cheque to clear before you can touch the money. Payday loan lenders will put the money into your bank account instantly so you can go to your bank or any ATM and withdraw your new loan cash and use it for the purpose you need it for. Urgent cash need and urgent cash achieved.

Payday Loans enable anyone who gets approved to get hold of the money very quickly and without any long term borrowing. This type of borrowing is only designed as a short term fix or solution until the customer has next been paid from their job and then the loan is paid back in full.

Typically customers look for a few hundred pounds to borrow, however, loans are approved up to one thousand pound loans. A typical myth is that if someone applies for too much then they may be declined. A lender will not use the amount you have applied for as a reason to decline or accept you. Initially you may not be able to borrow the amount you have initially applied for but generally it is best to be offered some money to borrow instead of no payday loan at all.

So it is clear that getting money quickly is something that almost everyone may experience in our lives. Borrowing cash from friends and family is either not always possible but sometimes not something that any of us feel we can or want to do. A payday loan offers an alternative to borrowing from friends and family and an alternative from taking a long term loan over a year of more. By paying the money back when you next get paid you are not tied into a long contract and you get money you need today approved today. Quick cash when you need it quickly.

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